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Personal information:


Nikolaj Taran


East London, England


1987-10-31 (31)


(UK) 07544931698
(LT) +370 600 07676



Nikolaj Taran

Personal profile:

I am enthusiastic, committed and reliable person who is willing to work overtime to meet tight project deadlines. By time creating system to avoid waste of production time in the future. I like to work in a team or as a team leader and show my own initiative in finding innovative solutions while learning new skills.

I am a qualified welder with a University-level degree in Engineering and six years of experience in civil engineering design. I continually work on improving my professional qualification by training for additional diplomas and certificates.

Social skills:

People gathering and leading – 10+ years of expierence
Event organisation and maintenance – 10+ years of expierence
Stage management and maintenance – 10+ years of expierence

Technical skills:

Work with constructions in building sight or shop – 10+ years of expierence
Construction design or assembling – 7 years of expierence
CAD 2D,3D or Pencil Drafting  – 10+ years of expierence
Drawing inspection – 10+ years of expierence
Microsoft package – 10+ years of expierence

Labour skills:

Welding MIG/MAG, MMA – 3 years of expierence
Welding inspection – 3 years of expierence
Metal preparation – 3 years of expierence

Personal skills:

Driving license

Category B


Lithuanian – native

Russian – native

English – good

Polish  beginner

Work experience:

2019 June - ...

Project manager

MCbull LTD, United Kingdom, London.

2019 February – 2019 June

Fashion designers personal assistant

Adey Sapphire design studio, United Kingdom, London

  • Event scheduling and organisation
  • Models audition and management
  • Workplace arrangement

2018 August – 2019 Februrary

Free lancer field welder/fitter

Van Oord, Schaardijk Rotterdam The Netherlands

  • Mig/mag welding;
  • MMA welding;
  • Construction fitting, assembling, fixing;
  • Work in extreme conditions (Hight, on the water, weather conditions, poisonous metal welding etc.);
  • Admistrative work (bills, contracts, etc.);
  • Long distance loaded van driving.

2018 February – 2018 August

Superior welder (begin as Trainee)

Christiaens Group, Witveldweg 104-106, 5961ND Horst, The Netherlands 

  • Mig/mag welding;
  • Thin materials welding (pulse);
  • Work with turn machine;
  • Stainless steal welding (pulse);
  • Simple stainless steal fitting;
  • Constructions fitting and welding.

2017 January – 2018 February

Shift supervisor (begin as Welder)

UAB ‘Mechanika‘, 1 Liejyklos street, Šiauliai, Lithuania,

  • Construction assembling;
  • Construction welding;
  • CNC machine operator and programmer;
  • Personal and project management;
  • Metal preparation (cutting, drilling, banding etc.).

2012 March – 2017 January

Civil engineer (begin as Trainee)

UAB ‘PASTATU KONSTRUKCIJOS‘, 170 Tilžės street, Šiauliai, Lithuania, 

  • CAD 2d, 3d construction drafting;
  • Construction calculation;
  • Design inspection;
  • Building sight inspection;
  • Trainee mentoring.

2013 March – 2014 July 


UAB ‘ELTIDA‘, 55 Kudirkos street, Joniškis, Lithuania,

  • Road restraint design works;
  • Plot planning;
  • Project coordination and arrangement;
  • CAD construction drafting.

2009 March - 2012 March 

Superior designer (begin as Instalator) 

UAB ‘KOTESA‘, 80A Tilžės street, Šiauliai, Lithuania, 

  • Personal and project manage;
  • Existing building measuring, floor plan recreation;
  • CCTV, IT, fire and security alarm design;
  • CCTV, IT, fire and security alarm installiation.

2007 October - 2009 September 

Team leader (begin as Instalator) 

UAB ‘ROMBAS‘, 97 Vilniaus street, Šiauliai, Lithuania, 

  • CCTV, IT, fire and security alarm installiation;
  • Personal and work management.

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Hobbies and interests:

2015 October  - 2017 Septemper

Light Engineer (work)

CULTURAL CENTRAL OFFICE OF ŠIAULIAI Aušros al. 31, Šiauliai, Lithuania, 

  • Events lighting management;
  • Events lighting.

2008 October  - 2009 Septemper

Light Engineer (work)

NATIONAL DRAMA TEATHER OF ŠIAULIAI Tilžės g. 155, LT-76297 Šiauliai, Lithuania, 

  • Lighting system installation;
  • Spectacles lighting.

2012-2015 (summer times)

Private house building for a colleague

  • After gaining civil engineers degree I started working as a construction designer and helped my colleague to build his private house. I gained practical knowledge on building a house project starting from drawing to execution.


Event organisation commitee member of ŠIAULIAI

  • Artis management;
  • Personal management;
  • National event asist;
  • Global festival asist;
  • Stage work (stage, sound, lighting system installation, etc.);
  • Event organisation.


Sci fi and fantasy club president of ŠIAULIAI

  • Club represintation (press, convetions, etc.);
  • Staff management;
  • Local and national event organisation.

Between  2005-2010

Courses and seminars

  • Team building, maintance, etc. courses or seminars;
  • Leader quality building, team leading, etc. courses or seminars;
  • Work and time plannig, organising, etc. courses or seminars.